Vynegar X - Reserve Blend
Vynegar X - Reserve Blend

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Vynegar X - Reserve Blend


Product description
Wyld Smoke Rubs are developed for those with an obsession and love of all things BBQ. All our rubs are Australian made and blended by hand.   

150 gram pack 

Flavour profile
The Flavour of this rub takes its lead from an old favourite - salt & vinegar. Used primarily as a finishing rub or seasoning this rub marries well with anything that casts a shadow. The subtle honey undertones create an additional dimension of flavour against the vinegar backdrop that makes your mouth tingle and want more.

Suggested uses
Vynegar X can be used on any type of meat either before or after cooking (or both). Or is even great on chips.

Himalayan salt, vinegar, honey