Smokehouse Rub
Smokehouse Rub

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Smokehouse Rub


Product description 
Wyld Smoke Rubs are developed for those with an obsession and love of all things BBQ. All our rubs are Australian made and blended by hand. 

150 gram pack. 

Flavour profile
The Wyld Smoke Smokehouse rub is a blend of salty, peppery spice with aromas of the smoked paprika and a hint of coffee.

Suggested uses
The rub is a great seasoning for beef, perfect on lamb and awesome on steak. Rub generously on a beef brisket, or other beef joint, and barbecue or roast - whichever way the pit master desires.

The Smokehouse Rub also goes well on a reverse seared or charred steak (we love rib eye or tomahawk steak)

Smoke matches
It matches well with mesquite or pear wood, pecan wood or hickory when smoked.

Salt, pepper, paprika, onion, garlic