Makin Bacon.........

Makin Bacon.........


We set out on a crusade to create a simple and easy to use nitrate free bacon cure. #wecanbaconthat

This one is a quick dry cure that produces the most unbelievable maple style bacon


  • 4-5 tablespoons of Wyld Smoke Makin Bacon Rub
  • 1 kg of belly pork (skin on or off - your choice)


  1. Place belly pork in a zip lock bag or cryovac bag
  2. Add Makin Bacon Rub to both sides of the belly making sure that all of the meat is covered
  3. remove all of the air from the bag, and lay flat in the fridge
  4. turn the meat once each day for 4-7 days
  5. remove pork from bag, lightly rinse and lightly pat dry
  6. OPTIONAL TIP - leave uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours to dry out further
  7. place in smoker at between 210f to 240f
  8. cook over your favourite wood (we use Apple and barrel oak) to internal temp of 150f
  9. Remove and leave to completely cool
  10. slice and cook, or wrap it and freeze for another day


  • anthony

    used 6 tablespoons on 1.3 kg pork belly,next Sunday can’t come quick enough, first time
    making bacon.

  • Aoibhe

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  • Branden

    Second day of bacon curing in zip lock bag and there is liquid in the bag, I that ok?

  • Andrew Burbury

    I did my 1st Pork Belly with the Makin’ Bacon Rub, and, Wow!, it was Superb!, I Hot smoked it over Iron bark, and Pecan, on my Reverse Offset, cooled, and fried up at a gathering that evening, the aroma, and the taste is outstanding!, further tasty rashes were devoured the following morning, as Bacon sangas’ at the recovery breakfast. I have another curing, with a couple more to see me through the festive period

  • Phillip Grasso

    Hello I have a packet of your makin bacon and have a 5kg pork belly with the loin on still will this be ok or should I remove the loin I’m worried the loin won’t cure I will be removing the skin

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